Position Letters

Support and Opposition letters are due no later than 3:00 pm, 5 business days prior to the Tuesday that the bill is set for hearing.  (See specific dates below)


There are several ways you can submit a letter.

1. Hand delivered to the committee office - State Capitol Room 2031

2. Fax - 916-445-4688

3. Mail - Senate Public Safety Committee, California State Capitol, Room 2031, Sacramento,  CA 95814


IMPORTANT Please note:

When submitting a letter you must clearly state one of the following positions in order to be reflected in the analysis: Support, Support if amended, Opposition, or Oppose unless amended.  Any other positions of concern will be filed with the committee but will not be reflected in the analysis.  Please be sure to state your position and the measure number clearly. 

It is not the policy of the committee to make sure your letters get to all the members of the committee.  You are encouraged to hand deliver or mail your letter to each member individually.  Please see the “Member Roster” link on our home page for full contact details on each member of the committee.


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