2015 - 2016 Informational / Oversight Hearings

2016 Informational and Oversight Hearings

Joint Informational - Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD); Safer and Healthier Communities

Joint Informational - Effective Correctional Officer Preparation and Support: Issues and Opportunities

Joint Informational - Firearms. Ammunition Sales (Proposed Initiative #1756)

Joint Informational - Criminal Sentences: Juvenile Criminal Procedures and Sentencing (Proposed Initiative # 1781)


2015 Informational and Oversight Hearings Summary

Oversight - Law Enforcement and Community Trust in California

Oversight - The New Drug Interdiction Pilot Program in California's Prison System:  An Implementation Update

Oversight - Effective Inmate Education:  Issues and Opportunities

Oversight - Performance Metrics for Community Corrections:  A Discussion of the February 2015 Report Prepared by the Board of State and Community Corrections